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Hakwha Walnut Cookie was created in 1933, by the late Mr. Jo Gwi-geum, the leading baker in Korea at the time and the husband of Grandmother Shim Bok-sun.
Mr. Jo observed a variety of ingredients, and came across walnuts, with their high nutritional value and characteristic appearance. He decided to use specialty walnuts from Cheonan, a South Korean city, to come up with a unique snack and name it Walnut Cookie, which continues to this day to be enjoyed throughout Korea.

Hakhwa Walnut Cookie is made from a batter with flour, eggs, water, milk, and sugar syrup mixed into it. The paste filling is cooked with carefully assorted red and white adzuki beans that are peeled and ground repeatedly. The high level of the paste’s purity prevents the filling from going bad even after ten days. Hakhwa Walnut Cookie owes its popularity to large walnut chunks in the filling, as well as a smooth texture that is not overly sweet. Walnut is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, and contains protein, vitamin B1 and B2, as well as other beneficial nutrients, which further expanded its popularity from foreign tourists, especially from Japan.

After the creator passed away, his sons the Late Mr. Jo Guk-tae and Mr. Jo In-ho has carried on his techniques to continue producing delicious walnut cookies. Hakhwa Walnut Cookie, a Cheonan specialty beloved by Koreans for the last eighty years mark a significant page in Korean baking and snack culture.
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